Hatherell’s Yard Market, Chipping Sodbury. Market Trading Regulations
Environmental Health
Products must be compliant with Trading Standards, be clearly priced and weights shown for pre-weighed items. Ingredients must be listed when made up of more than one item.
Produce preparation, packaging, display and handling must comply with local Environmental Health legislation
Food producers must have an appropriate food hygiene certificate, be registered as a food business with the local authority and adhere to the appropriate regulations.
Alcohol producers are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct license.
Electrical equipment used on the stall must be PAT tested annually.

Producers must have Public, Product and Employee Liability insurance; up to £5 million is recommended – if you are unsure about where to get this the market organiser will be able to help.  NB: someone minding your stall on a temporary basis is classed as an employee.
If for any reason you are unable to attend a market to trade having previously confirmed your participation, please contact:
Lianne Abbott
email – [email protected]

All Stalls are non refundable. Cancellations made 7 days in advance can be changed to a different date. If you cancel your participation on more than 3 occasions during the calendar year you will not have priority on busy event dates and may be refused access to future markets at the owners discretion.
All traders must have pre-paid for their market stall. Payment is required in full upon booking your dates once the market manager has confirmed you are booked. You will have 7 days to pay via bacs to
Lianne Abbott
account number 25155059
sort code 52-21-32
If there are any vacant stalls on the market at 10.00am, casual traders may pay on the day.
Wet Weather Covers
You are welcome to use our wet weather covers. Each stall may use 2 wet weathers and 4 clamps. Please ask for the cover before 10am for that day. If you use our covers you must take them down and leave them on your stall at the end of the day.
Stall Allocation
The market stalls are first come first served basis.
The Market Owner will only reserve pitches for use with electricity.
The Market Owner reserves the right to allocate stalls at their discretion.
The Market Owner shall have the right to refuse to allow a trader to trade on the following grounds:

  1. a) If rent has not been paid or is in arrears.
  2. b) If the Stallholder or his employees act contrary to the Market Rules and Regulations.
  3. c) We will not tolerate nastiness, bad comments, or rudeness towards other market traders or the management of the market; if any of these arise traders will receive a warning and or will no longer be able to trade at the market.

All loading must be completed before the Market opens to the public. Unloading/packing up is only permissible once the market has closed for the day.
It is strongly recommended that stallholders utilize the Town Car Park Long Stay facility situated in Wickwar Road Hatherell’s Yard is in close proximity and a short distance from the Car Park. It is possible to offload at the entrance to Hatherell’s Yard on Chipping Sodbury High Street however a 2-hour wait limit applies to this section of the High Street. Parking and loading and unloading are strictly at the risk of the stallholder and every effort must be made to avoid disturbance and inconvenience to local residents, shopkeepers and shoppers.
In the interest of upholding a pleasant atmosphere at the market where customers feel confident in the quality of the products and services on sale the following rules apply:

  1. The selection and balance of products and services available at the market will be agreed by the Market Organiser; the market does not offer exclusivity however every effort will be made to ensure that a diverse and high quality range is offered.
  2. Products or services not listed on the application form may be removed by the Market Organiser; an additional application form should be completed to add new products or services to your range.
  3. Changes to a stallholders business structure will result in the market management requiring a new application to be made if he/she wishes to continue selling at the market.
  4. Only top quality products and services should be offered for sale at the market - the Market Organiser reserves the right to remove substandard items.
  5. Whilst sampling and interaction with customers is encouraged, noisy and/ or aggressive marketing will not be tolerated especially if it impacts negatively on other stallholders.
  6. Stalls should be clearly labelled with the business name – visible even when people are standing in front of the stall.
  7. If claiming organic or similar certification, a copy of the certificate and any supporting documents that specify what is covered must be displayed on your stall.
  8. Stalls must be kept clean, tidy and free from hazards.
  9. Electrical equipment must be serviceable and in good repair. You must ensure that it doesn't create a trip hazard for staff or customers.
  10. Transportation – stallholders must ensure that vehicle/s and containers are suitable for transporting food and meet food hygiene standards e.g. no risk of cross contamination from other uses.
  11. Stallholders are responsible for removing their own rubbish at the end of the day
  12. Stalls must be ready for trading by 00am when the market opens.
  13. Packing up should not begin before 4pm when the market closes
  14. We ask that, even if you sell out, you remain at the market until closing as it affects the look of market overall – treat it as an opportunity to promote your products and services and your business through leaflets and chatting to customers; pictures and information about your products and production will help generate interest as well as ‘telling your story’ while you have produce to sell.
  15. Every stallholder contributes to the overall look, atmosphere and, therefore, success of the market.
  16. Antisocial behaviour by yourself or your staff will mean instant dismissal from the market.
  17. Lesser transgressions of the rules will result in disciplinary action – two verbal and one written warning; continued non-compliance will result in dismissal.

 Additional Services
Stallholders may not install electrical equipment without the permission of the Market Owner who will determine the terms and conditions of use of the Market Owners electricity supply which is open to review by him/her at any time.
Traders must only use the supply available for the operation of lighting, tills, scales, refrigerators and other fittings associated with market stalls. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested and safe and sound to the requirements of statutory regulations such as the Health & Safety at Work Act.
Permitted maximum amperage for electrical equipment is 13
amps for indoor units and 13 amps for all other stalls unless otherwise authorised by the Market Owner
Fuse capacity must not be altered. In no circumstances should cables be left on the ground. Electricity will be chargeable at £4 per trading day. No heaters of any kind are permitted on the market. No portable gas appliances are allowed without the express prior permission of the Market Owner.
The Market Owner reserves the right to close the Market, or any part thereof, before or during the Market day if thought necessary through adverse weather or insufficient attendance. The Market Owner reserves the right to offer a full or partial refund in such circumstances.
All matters shall be brought to the attention of the Market Owner.

These Regulations may be subject to review as the Market Owner shall see fit.
The Market Owners decision is final. 
Lianne Abbott. Koala kreations, unit 2 hatherells yard, bristol, bs376ba